I kindly invite you to try and start using QCObjects! (https://qcobjects.dev) A framework to allow web developers to code full stack applications in a fancy and quick way as well as applying a clean architecture concept based in stacked and isolated objects and components. The MVC pattern is fully integrated and it was originally thought for frontend but now it can be used to build node microservices as well in the backend.

QCObjects is open source! Licensed under LGPL3 so you can use it in your company projects for commercial purposes, your personal projects, or you can fork it to make your own technology. My main purpose is to change the mind of developers thinking to code legacy in javascript is hard. Now, with QCObjects, it’s easier than ever.

I want to make a community of deep tech developers who are willing to code their own web apps using QCObjects. QCObjects has builtin app templates generated from cli tool what help developers to be ready to start with progressive web apps and their own accelerated mobile applications, so it’s really easy to quick start with. The components architecture of QCObjects will let you split and scaffold your application to a professional level quickly and standardised. You can make effects, transitions and other cool stuff and everything is extendible to your own purposes. And you don’t need to mix the HTML code with JavaScript, you don’t need to use a dialect to write your app, it’s pure JavaScript and it’s updated to support the latest conventions like ES6, ECMA262 and ARIA. It is cross browser. It works in node and you can use qcobjects-server command to launch its own HTTP2 server to test your app in a local development environment. You can use the QCObjects snippets for Atom editor and Visual Studio Code for rapid development. It has a playground in docker hub where you can play to be familiarised with main concepts. To contribute you just need to follow this guidelines: https://github.com/QuickCorp/QCObjects/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md I personally work in this full time. I make updates every single day and I’m wanting to get feedback to improve the QCObjects ecosystem even more. I’ll appreciate your help and very happy to promote your QCObjects based projects.

Thanks very much for your time reading this! I hope you rejoice your soul using QCObjects to develop your new awesome app! Cheers

A Full Stack Developer Who Also Writes Poetry