Differences between a tourist and a traveler

A tourist is a person who likes to see the most attractive places in the world

A traveler is a person who likes everywhere into a place in the world

Tourists want to feed theirselves with the best food over the world

Travelers feed theirselves with the food available in the world

Tourists are looking for adventure

Travelers are looking for passion

Tourists want to see the most wonderful things in the world

Travelers know the world as wonderful as it is

Tourists are enjoyers

Travelers are survivors

A tourist loves to feel all the feelings are supposed to feel in the life

A traveler loves to feel love

Tourists miss their families

Travelers builds their families

Tourists know the places, the food and the cultures

Travelers know the people

A tourist goes around the distances

A traveler goes across the time

A tourist can see just the things that others are showing to theirselves and they have always not enough time to see all the amazing things presented in front of their eyes

A traveler waits a long time to see a bit more where is supposed to find nothing

A tourist needs to buy everything everywhere to remember a beautiful moment

A traveler enjoys every moment as beautiful as they are

Tourists are looking for live a better life in another more comfortable place than the location they actually live

Travelers are looking for live the life better in every location that they live

Tourists are looking for watch the most talented people over the world

Travelers are the most talented people watching the world

Tourists are always looking for help from others

Travelers are always helping others

Tourists are amazed people

Travelers are amazing people

Your life is your travel

Are you a tourist or a traveler?

-. Jean Machuca (2 September 2016)

A Full Stack Developer Who Also Writes Poetry