Objects Inheritance

Objects Inheritance means that it is possible to inherit attributes and methods from one class to another. In JavaScript, a class is a representation of an object’s prototype, and a prototype is a subset of definitions for the properties of an object.

Native Inheritance in JavaScript

Since the ECMAScript 2015 specification, JavaScript introduced a special keyword called “class” (lowercase), which can be used as a syntax sugar to describe a prototype of a function that represents a class or an object’s type.

'use strict';class Polygon {
constructor(height, width) {
this.height = height;
this.width = width;
class Square extends Polygon {…

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QCObjects is open source! Licensed under LGPL3 so you can use it in your company projects for commercial purposes, your personal projects, or you can fork it to…

Differences between a tourist and a traveler

A tourist is a person who likes to see the most attractive places in the world

A traveler is a person who likes everywhere into a place in the world

Tourists want to feed theirselves with the best food over the world

Travelers feed theirselves with the food available in the world

Tourists are looking for adventure

Travelers are looking for passion

Tourists want to see the most wonderful things in the world

Travelers know the world as wonderful as it is

Tourists are enjoyers

Travelers are survivors

A tourist loves to feel…

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